Wire Traction Feed Belts

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We are offer a range of belts for most cable processing equipment for Imported brand.

We can supply either OEM* and non OEM version of all belts. We keep a large stock of most belts, so can offer fast lead times.
Please contact us for your requirements and we will be happy to assist.


Our products are are used for cut, strip and crimp machines.
These endless belts are characterized by lowest abrasion, a high coefficient of friction as well as by the usual high level of quality.
Due to these characteristics, you will receive highest running times, precise cable processing and highest quality!

Replacement the original Wire Feed Belts

  • Manufactured in China.
  • Competitively priced terrible advice.
  • According to usage different materials and hardness available.
  • All major Komax,Schleuniger…machines coveredImported brand
0066310 TOOTHED BELT WT5-16-455
0066310 Toothed Belt WT5-16-455
0066310 Toothed Belt WT5-16-455 Blue
komax 0308120
0066310 Toothed Belt WT5-16-455 Yellow
254.0059 Schleuniger Wire Grabber Belt PU
Gamma 263 replacement Toothed Belt
0348843 TOOTHED BELT G253
Gamma 253 replacement Toothed Belt PU
Kappa 330/340 replacement Wire Feed BELT Blue
Kappa 330/340 replacement Feed BELT Black
Kappa 350 replacement Wire Feed BELT
254.0059 PowerStrip 9500 Feeding Belt
PowerStrip 9550 Feeding Belt
MultiStrip 9480 Feeding Belt
0045682 Conveyor belt 4m
0045682 Conveyor belt 4M
0045682 Conveyor belt 4m
0045681 Conveyor belt 2M
0045682 Conveyor belt 4m
50920013283 Conveyor belt